Paradise city roleplay is a GTAV project hosted on FiveM🐌 multiplayer network. Our goal is to take game depth to another level and create an in-game experience as close to real life as possible.


Over 250 real life vehicles! Dealerships can be owned by citizens. Prices are realistic and financing is available. Special modifications for ex. 16 million colors, NOS, tunning chip, seat ejectors, backfire, tire track/chamber...


Realistic Economy! Many Opportunities for employment including; EMS, Police, Banker, pizza delivery, fisherman, Truck drivers. Be your own boss and own your own business! Convenience Stores, Mechanic shops, Ammunation stores available for purchase.


Dreaming of owning your own home? Mortgage Loans Available for Penthouse apartment, Ocean front Properties, Suburban Single family homes All move-in ready! Foreclosures also available upon request.


Crafting system with 300 craftable items! Gather crops like vegetables, herbs, grains. Collect water, drill for oil. Mine materials including several types of ore, stone and wood. Process items in various processing plants around the city.


Create and join gangs & organizations with friends. Form alliances and make enemies. Start gang wars, claim territories and fight for illegal businesses! Who will control the city?